How important is branding?

Branding is super important when it comes to marketing!

Think of all those big brands and how they have instantly recognisable logos.

Having a well thought out and well designed brand is essential to make people stop and pay attention to your brand – especially as you only have a small amount of time to make an impact

Here at Whoop Creative, Taunton we have worked on numerous rebrands for companies both large and small (you can check out examples on our ‘Work’ page)  for more information on how Whoop Creative can help with your company branding don’t hesitate to contact us.

Branding Services

As Creative Director, Darren oversees all of Whoop Creative's design output, ensuring a consistently high standard across all the projects we undertake for our fantastic clients. He is an expert in branding and corporate identity, design for print, design for digital media, advertising and marketing. Enthusiastic and organised, Darren has extensive industry experience and aims for perfection in every project he undertakes.