Black Friday Marketing Ideas

We’ve put some ideas together to help with your next Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the biggest discount and promotional days of the year and they’re just under a week away! This year they are on Friday 23rd & Monday 26th November, but some will have the promotions over the full weekend.

If you aren’t aware of these days, Black Friday was originally created in America, and is the day following Thanksgiving. Many schools and work places have the day off work on the Friday, to give them a 4 day weekend, and so shops took this on board and started to make this day the big pre-Christmas shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday started more recently, as it’s the same idea to Black Friday, but focusing on online retailers, rather than in-store.

The Black Friday event originally started in America, and is the day following Thanksgiving. It allowed a 4 day weekend which gave many the opportunity to start on their pre-Christmas shopping and created a serge of sales… thus becoming known as “Black Friday”. Cyber Monday despite having the same concept however focuses more on the online retailers.

It only really kicked off in the UK around 2014, and since then more and more brands and people have been getting involved. Despite the majority of retailers going too extreme, including Amazon who are already a week into their “Black Friday Sale” already, it seams however these days if you aren’t getting involved in the event you could be loosing out to the competition. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get involved and really focus on the digital campaigns.

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Offer a Free Trail

If you’re a brand that offers a service, rather than a product, consider offering a weekend free trial for customers to use during the days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Giving them this opportunity to try out your service, is going to make them more likely to consider purchasing your service fully in the future.

Hourly Deals

Each hour or so throughout the day, think about releasing different offers and discounts. This way, you’re going to have your potential customers really engaged with your brand, waiting to see what the next deal might be! Amazon especially are very good at this, however there is no reason why a smaller company can’t create the same impact to their sales. These deals could be released on your social media, as people will be able to set notifications for each time you tweet or add a status during that day, saving them from staring at their computer all day. Also going live about an offer could be an amazing idea, as almost everyone following the page will receive a notification that you started a live video broadcast!

A Little Extra Gift

As mentioned before, customers will be coming in to buy mostly Christmas presents. So, you could be offering out free gift wrapping or a small treat for themselves, to make their lives that little bit easier. You could even have some products already gift wrapped, so they can just pick whether to have one pre-wrapped or not wrapped, at no extra cost or for a tiny bit extra!

Social Giveaways

You don’t necessarily have to use discounts and promotions, but instead you could be offering giveaways on your social media. Instead of just making sales, this way you will be able to increase your following and brand awareness. When offering out the giveaways, some of the terms and conditions should be that they have to be a follower, or signed up to your newsletter, or have to retweet or share your post.

Create a Gift Guide

Most people will be doing their Christmas shopping on these days, so you can give them a helping hand by creating a gift guide. You could feature a mixture of products that are on promotion, and those that aren’t, or you could feature a special promotion just on the products that are featured within the gift guide.

Launch a New Product

Planning on launching a new product in the near future? Black Friday or Cyber Monday are great days to do this. People are more willing to make purchases on these days, and you can feature your introductory offer during this time.

Sneak Peaks

Get your customers excited in the run-up to Black Friday by creating sneak peaks. Let them know what discounts they might be expecting, or encourage them to sign up to your newsletter to receive extra or secret discounts.

A Few Secret Deals

You don’t need to feature all your discounts on your site, you could feature some that are specially for those loyal customers who are signed up to your newsletter. Drop them an email prior to the big day, or on during the discount weekend.

Make Shopping Fun Again

If you’re focusing on having your main discounts in-store, then make your shoppers experience fun! A lot of shops will be an absolute nightmare during the Black Friday weekend. What you can be doing to stand out, is by offering out snacks and drinks, organise entertainment in store, and have fun with it!

Let us know how you get on!

We hope you found this post helpful, please do get in touch and let us know how you do and what ideas worked well for you!

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