Mansell Kart Racing Club

Whoop were approached by Mansell Kart Racing Club (MKRC) to rebrand their business from their previous name DKRC. As a team of F1 racing fans our team were absolutely delighted to be given the opportunity to work with MKRC. Along with the total rebranding for MKRC, we were also tasked with rebranding the ‘Mansell Raceway’, take a look at the two case studies and explore both sides of their business.

The Challenge

The rebrand for MKRC (Previously DKRC) was required to find the perfect balance between Mansell Raceway, and the Nigel Mansell name without alienating any current and loyal patronage. The solution was to focus on the history of the 50-year-old establishment, communicating openly with the loyal members and remaining true to its heritage. The end result blends the old and the new and returns Mansell Kart Racing Club to its traditional racing roots.

What We Did

Branding & Visual identity, Logo design, Graphic design, Signage, Website design, Responsive web development, SEO, WordPress training & maintenance.

Website Design & Development

When you hear the name Nigel Mansell, you know that this website needs to be worthy of a world champion. It was very important for us to create a website which took the brand image of MKRC and kept the continuity it across the entire website.

Built on the trusted WordPress platform and designed to be fully mobile responsive and provide in-depth information on the club, the website also has numerous integrations from booking forms to live event countdowns.

Graphic Design, Print & Signage

Whoop Creative was engaged to create a brand in conjunction with both MKRC & Mansell Raceway that represents the current and future vision for the business. The brand was then extended into a visual marketing plan with a style guide for all future print and digital communication. We produced promotional booklets, signage displays, stationary, clothing items & much more.


The rollout of the brand and marketing material was encouragingly embraced by the club members, supporters and the community alike. It helped instil confidence in the project pushing the development forward.

What the Client Said

If you are looking for a web design company that know their stuff and are easy to work with then call Whoop Creative. Nothing seems too much trouble. They make tricky projects run like clockwork. I look forward to more in the future. Give them a call.

Njal Lovell