Christmas has arrived at Whoop.

Christmas at Whoop

We love the festive season and all it brings with it, we have pulled out the decorations and dusted off the Christmas playlist. This year however we decided to go one step further and give Whoop Creative a new look of it’s own, as you’ll probably notice, our “Cursor” has put on a Christmas Hat. […]

Why you need an SSL certificate for your website

SSL Security

Why you need HTTPS certification for your website. The “www.” of most web addresses is usually preceded by either http or https. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and is the foundation for communicating data over the internet. The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for ‘secure’, and the purpose of this simple article is to explain why […]

How to avoid “over-designing”

What is meant by over-designing? It was Albert Einstein who said “Make things as simple as possible but no simpler”, and this statement rings pertinently true for graphic design. Since the purpose of graphic design is to communicate a message visually, people need to be able to ‘get it’ instantly. Across all disciplines of graphic […]

New Business Cards for South Street Motors

Providing Printing & Signage to Wellington based South Street Motors. As you may be aware we’ve worked with South Street Motors for almost 10 years, so when they informed us they wanted us to provide their print along side all the digital services we offer them, we were thrilled to be given the opportunity. Working […]

We gave this stunning Honda CRX Del Sol some epic Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle signage applied by Wellington based wrapping & tinting business. With huge thanks to James at South West Tinting in Wellington, Somerset, this CRX Del-Sol was given a totally new look. We were asked to design the graphics for this stunning car with the main aim of creating something that really stands out from the crowd. The […]

We’ve just launched a brand new website for South Street Motors in Wellington

Brand new website for Wellington based vehicle repair garage. South Street Motors have been a client of the Whoop Creative Team for over 8 years and a new website has long been on the cards due to the shear growth of the business, as well as the ever changing web which in 8 years has […]

Photography Website and Branding for RAW Pics

Raw Pics Website

Start-up Photography Website for Taunton based Rod Warren. We have been working with Rod A Warren for more than 10 years, originally working with him to promote his car sales business “Warren Park”. Rod has always been into photography and his work has been featured by numerous papers and websites. We started of by creating […]

How important is branding?


Branding is super important when it comes to marketing! Think of all those big brands and how they have instantly recognisable logos. Having a well thought out and well designed brand is essential to make people stop and pay attention to your brand – especially as you only have a small amount of time to […]

Does your Branding need attention?

Fresh Branding

If the answer is yes you have come to the right place! We have many years experience working with and helping develop some of the leading UK and International brands. All sounds rather grand I know, but we also work with small business and start ups to balance things out so we don’t get carried […]